Betfan+ Important Proofing Notice

Unless specified elsewhere:

  • Rule 4 and non-runner deductions are not calculated
  • All place bets use industry standard place conditions

IMPORTANT: Please note unless otherwise stated all proofing and results are calculated to Best Odds Guaranteed and Advised Stakes for Betfan Ltd Services. Our Tipsters are constantly monitored to ensure that odds Quoted were and are available at time information is initially sent out to customers. However please be aware we cannot guarantee returns quoted would be achieved by our customers. All Betfan Ltd Services have proofing pages give a full breakdown of all Bets ever advised, by clicking on the individual Months below you are able to view a Tipsters performance using SP (Industry Starting Price) and Level Stakes both short term and long term. The information contained within these proofing pages should allow you to make informed choices about joining any of our Managed Services and we strongly advise you consider all available factors including our Terms and Conditions and earnings Disclaimer before joining any of our services.

Please gamble responsibly and ensure you are fully able to exercise control over your gambling activity and not let it negatively impact other areas of your life.